Mylene Garot

Blogger, Chief Operating Officer, Emotional Intelligent Business Developer

Mylene Garot is an outstanding business development executive and emotionally intelligent marketing leader with extensive success in driving strategic innovation, revenue growth and commercialization, with over 10 years of marketing, business development, and start-up experience.






Born and raised in France, Mylene Garot has always been proactive and business-oriented. From a modest family, at a young age, she committed to work on the side of her studies and took up her school expenses. Thanks to her determination, she could combine different jobs, and learned a useful panel of skills in various fields such as marketing, or public relations.

She quickly earned more responsibilities. Evidence once again that she’s not scared of doing some of the dirty work. It’s a well- known fact that hard work is the key to success, and Mylene Garot is one more proof of it.

After a bachelor degree in marketing and management, she decided to carry further. She undertook a master degree of business development and entrepreneurship. Undoubtedly we can assert that those years studying allowed Mylene to precisely define the very thing she exalts and what she’s good at: developing strategic actions and marketing methods through Emotional Intelligence.

In fact, at only 20, she managed to work at MMA, one of the biggest French insurance company or later on at EDF, which is one of the world’s leading electric utilities. She established her ability to put her skills into actions. In such a way, she increased the sales of 15% for the insurance office. Plus, she produced a strategic audit and management recommendations.

Alongside her studies and different jobs, Mylene always thrives in getting herself involved with some other professional projects. Business development represents her field of expertise and what motivates her, indeed.

That is why she decided to employ her skills to help the famous French business man, Matthieu Wincker, to build a game plan for his new company Natura Pet Plus Ultra. Mylene developed for him a marketing and a distribution strategy. Always thinking outside of the box, she got the idea to create a membership for the pet owners: pet food automatically delivered to their doors every month. And

guess what? Thanks to the new membership strategy and of her visionary approach, the company accomplished a turnover of 5 million euros in 2017. Her essential role in the collaboration was a key element to the success of this company that worths now more than 20 million euros.

If developing business constitutes the main subject of her studies, Mrs Garot had always been attracted by Urbanism. She heard about her next project going to a conference about developing the city of Agen, France. Interested by the project, Mylene started collaborating with the City Officials in charge of developing the Agglomeration d’Agen.

Over there, she worked on creating the Technopole. In a nutshell, this project aims at bringing together dynamic companies into a sustainable area and to propel the City of Agen at the rank of major economic player in France. Mylene’s persistence served in building a strong case to get all the necessary authorizations to build in that area. She had to manage the consistency of the zone with urban area, and assured that the natural resources won’t be damaged. Mylene Garot was unquestionably a key player in this collaboration. Now, Agen has more than 1.5 acre of industrial facilities available, a startup incubator which has allowed creating more than 800 jobs.

By working with the city of Agen, she discovered how important emotional intelligence for city branding was. Urbanism requires some values based on emotional intelligence, indeed. In 2014, she wrote a thesis titled « Emotional intelligence and Performance ».

By the year of 2015, Mylene managed to complete her master’s degree as valedictorian with the congratulations of the jury. This year totally changed her life as she realized one of her dream, moving to the United States of America, and especially to Miami.

After a few years in the U.S., Mylene Garot has proven her skills in the workplace influencing different American companies such as Go Wine and Aquajet Miami. Throughout those experiences, Mylene kept the same compass and has implemented emotional intelligence in every step of the way. As a marketing expert, she organized by herself a product launch event side by side with Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation in 2015. She was then able to increase Aquajet Miami’s popularity with full live coverages on Channel 7, Miami Herald, Univision and so forth. More importantly, her crucial role allowed the Charity to get 40% more donations.

Mylene’s strong ties to France led her to play an essential role in the development of Rotomod, (number 1 distributor of Kayaks) to ensure its American establishment. As a business development virtuoso, Mrs Garot proposed to engage a diversification strategy. With sales growth of over 20% in one year and 30% expected for 2019, Mylene Garot’s expertise, once again, hits the nail on the head.

She is now working as a COO at Viac Luxury Real Estate in Miami Beach, FL. She is in :charge of growing the company and as you already know, that is what she excels at. Mylene is committed in hunting for worldwide partnerships and avant-garde marketing strategies to increase Viac Luxury Real Estate’s local and national influence. She developed new recruitment methods based on Emotional Intelligence or new sales technics such as the utilization of VR to present new construction projets.

If developing Agen wasn't already challenging enough, Mrs Garot is now shaping Urbanism on another level. First, she is planning on improving the neighborhood of Little Haiti in Miami. In fact, she’s interested in the project of Magic City Innovation District, which goal is to create a unique campus focused of innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

Not only she desires to improve her city, but she is also aiming at converting the City of Detroit in new hottest real estate place to invest in the U.S. For that matter, she was a key speaker in a conference about Detroit investment plan last September 2018 and will perform a new one in November. She envisions the high potential of this city. Her aspiration is to reinvent a strong Detroit thanks to her ability in urbanism development, combined with her knowledge in emotional intelligence. Substantially, cities like Detroit, that have been highly affected by the economic crisis, the emotional part is playing a major role that Mylene Garot has definitely understood.


Besides those important projects, our marketing expert is also dedicating into encouraging others. In fact, she was part of the Google Startup weekend in Miami, last September 2018, playing a mentor role. She talked about what she specializes in, initiating strategies to maximize profit and improve branding applying Emotional Intelligence.


Moreover, Mylene was appointed for judging the international competitive entrance exam of the prestigious ESSCA business school in Bordeaux, France. She was selected as a result of all her projects for the region, particularly for the city of Agen and thanks to her recognition in the field of Emotional Intelligence.


Lifted by her dedication and her experience, Mylene Garot is an exceptional promising professional who will play a considerable role in both Urbanism and Emotional Intelligence fields. Mrs Garot has a great deal to contribute to the development American cities. That’s a name you should remember.

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